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Portland Housing Month : A celebration of home

As is likely true for most of you reading this, the last several months have caused lots of shifts in what we do. This is true for those of us who work directly in the building industry, and also for the Home Builders Association (HBA) that represents, supports and helps our industry provide housing in our region.

One of the silver linings in any crisis is the push to rethink what we do and what has value, which leads to new ideas and opportunities. I’m proud to tell you that our HBA has put together the biggest and most comprehensive housing event ever created to educate, showcase, and celebrate the great things we all do in our industry to promote housing. Welcome to Portland Housing Month!

Portland Housing Month is a celebration of many things related to something that has even more value and meaning to all of us these days - our home. During this month, you will have the opportunity to (safely) visit a wide range of housing choices available all across our region as part of our scattered-site home tour which will take place over the last few weekends of the month. Whether you are looking to make a move, purchase your first home, or be inspired by what is new in home design and construction – this tour will provide lots of options for you to enjoy.

You can also experience our fresh take on connecting you to local home services, furnishings, products, remodeling, décor, garden and landscaping through our new Home & Garden Show – In Your Neighborhood edition. We will have window displays throughout the metro area featuring interior designers, home and garden vendors and more. These touchless displays will allow you to safely visit, share, connect and then buy what you see on our online Home & Garden Virtual Marketplace.

Portland Housing Month is focused on the issues and challenges related to housing in our region. It includes many partners and non-profits whose work on housing issues will help educate and inform, as we provide several virtual panel discussions and presentations during the month to engage the public. This will also include highlights of some of the shelter projects our Home Builders Foundation has done to provide housing for some of our region’s most vulnerable in need.

And we will be elevating and helping educate our industry through our virtual BuildRight Conference. This will encompass two days and more than 25 sessions covering topics like high performance building practices and innovations, energy efficiency technologies and practices, building code updates, smart home technology and more. The HBA works to promote “better building” practices for all its members and the industry through these great educational opportunities.

We believe Portland Housing Month is long overdue. We are thankful for the broad support we’ve had for this, both from our members as well as other organizations and partners who also believe in this work. We look forward to connecting with you, helping you engage with the events and programs that meet your needs, and building on this event in the years to come. Thank you for being a part of and supporting our new inspiration!

Nathan Young.
Owner, Nathan D. Young Construction and MODS
2020 Home Builders Association President
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